Thy Nature
Landscapes from Thy in the northern part of Denmark. A very large part of the region is now a nationalpark and has stunning nature and a breathtaking coastline. There´s plenty of sights and walks and lovely towns and local feels – I loved it!
THY lejren
I paid a visit to the friendly community in the woods of Thy in the northern part of Denmark. They describe the place as following: “Thylejren (the Thy Camp) is a free place in the sense that it contains Life, displays Life, it’s complications, it’s developments. It has space for odd characters, imaginative artists, caring mothers and fathers, shamans, horsewomen and many more. It is both part of Denmark and the society we are all part of and at the same time withdrawn from unconscious consumer’s race and “conversational kitchen’s” culture. Thylejren is owned by the association “Det Ny Samfund”, which is organized with the general meeting (every year, Aug. 21. at 2 pm) as the highest authority, that means there is no board or chairman. Decisions are mostly taken in consensus but voting can also be seen. Thylejren is a social experiment in it’s 47th year!”
From above
A small series of pictures from the archives. I love this perspective where big becomes small and the photo has so many details. I have played with a new edit; not sure if I like the warm tone in the highlights yet and it might end up all black and white; but for now this is how they look.  
These pictures are shot in Australia a few months ago. Its from a national park called Croajingolong in Victoria state and has massive sanddunes next to the Thurra River. We hiked the dunes and only with the help from friends did we not get lost.. Next to the dunes lies the ocean ready for a surf.  
Sunday dancing Khayelitsha
Love these kids dancing and playing the drums in the streets of Khayelitsha, Cape Town on a sunny sunday 🙂 Video: Sunday dancing Khayelitsha      
Heaven and Earth
My simple living in the countryside
  This month my family summerhouse is featured in the Danish magazine Boligliv. I shot the feature with This is my recreational space in the countryside away from the city <3      
Aboriginal Rock Art
Ngamadijidj shelter and Gulgurn Manja Shelter – Gulgurn Manja meaning “Hands of Young People”.  A place where the Jardwadjali people lived in the mountains they call Gariwerd. Love this place and all of the stories.
AFRICA – Xhosa Landscapes
Eastern Cape of South Africa. Home of the Xhosa clan. This is the birthplace of Mandela. The most beautiful landscape and friendly people. Soft green hills mile after mile and suddenly the South Indian Ocean appears. No roadsigns, gravel roads and you are sure to get lost if you turn your head. Holy mountains, nights full of stars, drums, huts, goats, spiders and snakes.      
Photographing Christmas and Winter
Usually I photograph Christmas interiors and DIY ´s for several months every year. This year is no exception and right now I cross my fingers that snow will arrive XXXXX. Christmas is not over yet for me… This case was shot last year. No snow had appeared for weeks and no snow was visible when we started unpacking this particular day. When I started shooting the most beautiful snow came to us – and disappeared again when we were finish. I loved that. Worked with designer and stylist Trine Elmkvist.
Dec 03
Early Manhood
  There are times when you look at your child and wish time would stop. I have this feeling with Vitus and his 14 years and all what it brings. A face on the borders between childhood and manhood, the independency in looks and honesty in the eyes. I just love the look of teenagers! Call me if you want your teenager documented 🙂      
This monday is all about trees. For my mom.
Mobile pics On My path
I have an instagram profile which I feed with mobile pics. I like to shoot pictures which come along my path. Pictures where I dont think about clients interest in the process, just me and my private path. Mostly I shoot a picture with my mobile if suddenly the light is spectacular, if I see an amazing colour or if I just like what I see. You can follow me on christina_birch_