A travel from the past to China with analogue cameras

Since I started doing photography the way I work has totally changed. Its not as simple as saying it changed from analogue to digital; its much more complex. Its also about how the ideas develop and how they end up on the screen or on paper. Sometimes I feel I lost some of my creativity because of this transfer in my working process. I do like digtital photography but I love analogue. I love the materials in all of the aspects and the surprices during the processes.

In 2001 I travelled 6 weeks in China on trains and busses with my husband and our 5 months old baby. Among others we travelled to the cities Lanchou and Xining and the great Tibetan monastery Labrang in central China. On this travel I photographed 24-7 and used all of the cameras I could carry. I shot narrow-gauge film, analogue color and black and white on a 35mm and 6×7 negatives on a pinhole camera. I have focussed only little on the materials in the years after, but recently I was inspired to work with it again and I made these pictures. Most of them are shot on my pinhole camera. The images are all black and white, a bit unfocussed and not perfect in the sense of how we are used to look at photography today. I have chosen to make the development dark and dramatic and left the frames uncut revealing each unique characteristica and done no retouch on dust and the errors on the negative itself.

I hope you like them.




And me and baby Vitus 🙂


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