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Copenhagen Vanishing Nature I Lensculture

Updated: Oct 25

Very close to the city centre of Copenhagen, "Amager Fælled", 225 hectares Urban Nature is situated. It is used as a recreational area, where the people of Copenhagen are enjoying the wild animals, flora, open spaces and silence. Connecting with Preserved Nature. But the city wants to build on the premises and the Preserved Nature is in danger of vanishing. Copenhagen citizens are fighting in court to keep this area protected from destruction.

A young boy holding a buket of grasses from Amager Fælled.
"Breathing Nature"

Grasses from Amager Fælled
"Bundle of wilderness"

Natural materials from Amager Fælled

Raw autumn trees reflecting in a waterhole on Amager Fælled
"Reflections on hope"

When the trees are dying and are giving life to others on Amager Fælled
"Wood and mosses"

Leaves falling and leaving yet another season behind. Is this the last one?
"Degradation in October"

We need to connect to nature to understand it better. Amager Fælled

Floras and biodiversity from Amager Fælled
"Autumn Flora"

Rare species of animals are dependent on the wild nature on Amager Fælled
"Grasses and Thistles"

Maybe we need to frame nature as it is vanishing on Amager Fælled.
"Framing Nature"


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